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pre-owned inventory

Preowned pianos that you can Count on.

Why buy a used piano elsewhere only to have to immediately call a technician? All of our Preowned Pianos are inspected by technicians prior to arrival to make sure that we only carry pianos that are ready for you to put thousands of hours of practice into.

What to Know Before Buying a Piano

  • How do I find the best piano at the best price?
  • What criteria should I use to evaluate the condition of a piano before purchasing?
  • What features do I want my piano to have?
  • What is my budget?
  • How can I be confident that I’m purchasing from a trustworthy source?

These questions are even more important when purchasing a used piano.


Know What You Are Purchasing

When you purchased your house or your current car, did you just look at the outside condition and say, “Looks good to me?” Of course not! And that’s why we check out the used pianos for our showroom so you are guaranteed to have the best preowned pianos in the Triad. It makes a big difference of who owned the piano before you and how well they took care of it. You deserve a piano that has been treated well, maintained regularly, and tuned often. 

 Any one of our fully trained sales associates will help you through the process. Just need a few bullet points? Or maybe you want a more thorough tour of the instrument so you can make a decision with higher confidence? Either way we are ready to assist you with the piano of your dreams!

Baldwin Console Used

Baldwin R Grand w/ Concertmaster

The Baldwin Piano Company started in 1862 in Cincinnati, OH and throughout the 20th Century, Baldwin was one of the most popular American piano builders. In 1995 when it was built in Conway, Arkansas Baldwin Pianos were at the top of their game creating the greatest American Pianos. Even its sand casted piano plate is from the world famous O.S. Kelly foundry in Springfield, OH.

5’8″ Deep

Made in 1998

ConcertMaster Player System

Satin Mahogany Cabinetry



Baldwin Console Used

Kawai UST8

With 2,062 square inches of solid Sitka spruce in the soundboard, this 46” Kawai studio piano provides enough sound to fill a large room, but capable of not overpowering a small room.  

This beautiful Kawai piano is also designed to withstand variations in room temperature, as is the case in many schools and churches.

The built-in music shelf prevents the breakage of the hinged music racks that you find on other pianos. An added bonus to this is the ability to spread several sheets of music across it, which is very useful for accompanists who don’t have a page turner. 

The studio piano also features toe blocks that brace the legs back to the main cabinet. This design will protect the legs from getting damaged of it needs to be moved across the room. The large double rubber casters will protect wood, carpet, vinyl, and tile flooring while protecting the piano at the same time.

Satin Walnut Finish

46″ High

22″ Depth


Baldwin Console Used

65Baldwin Cherry Upright

In 1961 when this piano was built in Loveland, OH, Baldwin Pianos were at the top of their game. Featuring their exclusive 19-ply Pinblock, famous Baldwin Scale, SynchroTone Bass Strings and Exclusive Full-Blow action, this piano is perfect for any player. 

Satin Cherry Finish

42″ High

24″ Deep


Baldwin Console Used

Yamaha P22

This 44” Yamaha P22 Institutional Console Piano built 1971 according to Yamaha’s Philosophies I feature world famous Japanese precision and attention to detail. With a natural wood cabinet, institutional style, double casters, and brass hardware, this piano was built in Hamamatusu, Japan.


Walnut Satin Finish

44.5″ High

22.5″ Deep


Baldwin Console Used

Wurlitzer Spinet 

This Wurlitzer Spinet was built in 1967 in North Tonawanda NY. During this time, Wurlitzer was one of the best-known makers of entry level pianos with a reputation for quality craftmanship, durability and a resonant tone! Wurlitzer was an innovator in the piano world through the introduction of Tone crafted Hammers and the Pentagonal Sound Board. These features gave Wurlitzer Pianos our distinct and resonant tone.


Walnut Satin Finish’

37.5″ High

24″ Deep