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Preowned pianos that you can Count on.

Why buy a used piano elsewhere only to have to immediately call a technician? All of our Preowned Pianos are inspected by technicians prior to arrival to make sure that we only carry pianos that are ready for you to put thousands of hours of practice into.

An Audible Connection to a Monumental Legacy

Built by Knabe, ca. 1930 on special order, this instrument has pride of place at the intersection of several incredible stories and figures in music history. In addition to its functionality as a fine conventional piano, it contains a fully operational, original-state pneumatic player system.

The Ampico-B player in this instrument was an engineering marvel of its time, able to faithfully reproduce never-before-achieved nuances in touch and pedaling, exactly as executed by the performer. Some of the 1,000 player rolls available with this instrument were recorded by George Gershwin himself on this very piano; it is one of the largest collections of Ampico rolls in the world.

Encasing this history, prestige, and tonal beauty, is a Louis XV style cabinet in near-perfect condition.

Baldwin M


 American Made and from a lovely home here in Winston-Salem. At 5’8,” the Baldwin M has a sound that only comes from a piano that has aged well and been treated with regular maintenance. If you want a used grand piano with a smooth touch, this may be th instrument for you!

Hyundai Preowned Grand Piano

Hyundai G82 Baby Grand

Hyundai is not only the maker of fine cars but has a reputable music division as well that distributes pianos all over the world. This 5’8” piano was lovingly cared for and beautifully played throughout its young life. The high polish ebony exterior and the deep wood finish inside the rim is a striking centerpiece for any home. Come in and play this fine instrument to experience yourself the musical beauty this grand piano holds.

Baldwin Upright Satin Used

Baldwin Upright

This fine Baldwin studio upright piano is a true gem. Here is another example of the fine craftsmanship that Baldwin encompassed when their factory was in full swing in Truman, Arkansas. The US-made instrument plays with the power and musical ambience of a grand piano but with a size conducive to a smaller room. The satin ebony finish combined with the polished brass and adjustable bench creates a visual beauty that matches the sound it produces. This instrument will not last long! Hurry in and see for yourself!

Baldwin Cherry Used Upright

Baldwin Console

Beautiful Cherry wood finish, brass pedals, and amazing playability are the reasons this American-made beauty won’t last long. The hammers and strings are in excellent condition, and this gorgeous instrument has been well-maintained and serviced throughout its life. Hurry in and see this great piano before it’s too late!

Baldwin Console Used

Baldwin Console


This American-made Baldwin is hand crafted to the standard that the Baldwin company committed themselves to in the early 1970’s. This piano has been in one home and has been regularly tuned for many years. It is looking for a home that needs a good piano, but at an affordable price. The hammers and strings are in very good condition and perfect for any level of musician. The ornate design of the music rack and Queen Ann- style legs are just as beautiful as the music it plays.