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Our company keeps at least one GB1K in our showroom at all times because of their popularity. These brilliantly-engineered little grands frequently surprise our guests with their beauty and quality of construction!

Consequently, this piano is a perfect example of why we proudly carry Yamaha: artistry and innovation cooperate to make gorgeous instruments accessible to a vast range of people. The GB1K is Yamaha’s least-expensive grand piano, yet it is the product of design and manufacturing techniques found in much larger, more expensive instruments:

Like all Yamaha acoustic pianos, each GB1K is seasoned for destination, meaning that the wood parts were treated specifically for their market’s region of the world and its climate.

Even in the GB1K, you will also find innovations like Yamaha’s exclusive Vacuum Shield Mold Process method for casting its plates, ensuring the strongest iron possible for the piano’s frame and unparalleled tuning stability as a result. This, along with extruded aluminum alloy action rails, makes for an instrument that feels crisp, consistent, and durable – a joy to own!



A slightly larger soundboard yields an even fuller, richer tone in the GC1. It is another one of our best-sellers because of the design cues it takes from its cousin in the Conservatory Collection, the C1X.


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