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An Audible Connection to a Monumental Legacy

Built by Knabe, ca. 1930 on special order, this instrument has pride of place at the intersection of several incredible stories and figures in music history. In addition to its functionality as a fine conventional piano, it contains a fully operational, original-state pneumatic player system.

The Ampico-B player in this instrument was an engineering marvel of its time, able to faithfully reproduce never-before-achieved nuances in touch and pedaling, exactly as executed by the performer. Some of the 1,000 player rolls available with this instrument were recorded by George Gershwin himself on this very piano; it is one of the largest collections of Ampico rolls in the world.

Encasing this history, prestige, and tonal beauty, is a Louis XV style cabinet in near-perfect condition.

  Samick SG-155 Baby Grand

This beautiful Polished Walnut 5’1” Grand Piano from 1990 will easily become the highlight of any room in your house. With Scale Design by German piano designer Klaus Fenner this piano combines the best of Korean manufacturing precision with European craftmanship. It is this combination of quality and features including an all spruce surface tension soundboard, Roslau music wire and all maple action parts that give this piano it’s solid feel and the well-balanced sound. Come in and see this prime example of why Samick become one of the worlds largest instrument makers by the end of the 20th Century.

  Baldwin Hamilton

This beautiful 45″ vertical piano was built in 1982 by Baldwin’s master craftsman in Cincinnati, Ohio where the Baldwin Piano Company was founded and headquartered. The Hamilton line of pianos was named after the founder Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, they were also the standard bearer for Baldwin Pianos both in schools as well as churches and other institutions. The Hamilton vertical pianos were renowned for their solid craftsmanship and durability making them ideal for institutional use. This piano features, beautiful woodwork not found on modern pianos, sturdy toe-block construction, and that fantastic Baldwin Hamilton sound. Come in and see just what made this piano a favorite of teachers all across the country.