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The study of a musical instrument has been linked to:

Higher scores on tests measuring spatial reasoning

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Reduced stress

Increased sense of accomplishment

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Susan Royall


Susan has been teaching since 1990. She teaches sacred and classical repertoire. Susan studied with Dr. Joan Winner for 10 years and has been a church pianist since 1980. Susan is an experienced accompanist of congregation, adult and youth choirs, and special groups. She sings and plays locally with family group and has studied with Joel Boswell and Linda Baity. She completed shaped-note studies in vocal and instrumental music with Helen Church in 1991 and attended Piedmont Baptist College for elementary, secondary music education and theory classes. She also studied voice with Mr. Gordon Smith for 10 years and received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Ashwood University.


David Holter


David Holter loves finding people that want to learn to play piano. Almost everyone he speaks to took lessons as a child, maybe for one or 10 years, but felt frustrated at their slow progress, yet wish they had never given it up. David’s mission is to make piano playing more accessible for everyone. He wants to show you how to channel the music you feel out to the world, via the piano, a magnificent instrument. He grew up playing the violin, but switched to the piano because he loves its symmetry (the arms mirror each other, unlike with most instruments), its capacity for lush harmonies, and its beautiful tone. David is deeply indebted to several great teachers in his early years in Greenville, North Carolina, including Jane Rose, and at East Carolina University with Paul Tardif and Keiko Sekino. As a freshman in college, David practiced long and hard, but had never been taught a thorough piano technique. He developed tendinitis and could not play anymore, so he majored in music composition instead of piano performance. After he graduated, he had the tremendous fortune to discover Barbara Lister-Sink, a piano professor at Salem College in Winston-Salem, and a world-class concert pianist. She guided David through the “Lister-Sink Method”, a world-renowned, scientifically-informed system for teaching the sensations and coordinations of healthful, injury-preventive keyboard technique. Thanks to her work, he is now playing more easily and beautifully than ever. He would love to teach you ear training, sightreading, theory, interpretation, and technique!


Lachelle Howard


Lachelle has been teaching piano since 2004. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance from Piedmont Baptist College and studied piano with Dr. Joan Winner for 8 years. Lachelle has Traveled East Coast, England, and Scotland with performing groups and also has studied voice with Mr. Gordon Smith and Mrs. Tacy Fleury. Lachelle also holds a Business Management Diploma from Stratford Career Institute.


Celeste Watson


Celeste has a passion for helping others enjoy music by playing the piano with exciting musically and scientifically-informed technique. She works to develop in each student both the joy of being an artist and the discipline of developing a skill. As a student, she won numerous competitions, including the Anderson Concerto Auditions, and performed with the Hutchinson Symphony Orchestra. After giving up piano because of a playing-related injury, she completed a masters’ degree in Biblical Languages and worked outside of the music industry for several years. After an intensive period of technical and musical retraining with Dr. Barbara Lister-Sink, Celeste returned to an active schedule of playing and teaching. She holds a Certificate in Injury-Preventative Keyboard Technique and is a candidate for the masters’ degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy at Salem College. Her teachers include Dr. Barbara Lister-Sink, Dr. Dan Masterson, Sylvia Wolcott, Donna Reimer, and Eldora Franklin.  Playing the piano continues to challenge and grow her both as an artist and as a human being, and she works to help each of her students experience that same joy and growth.

Lucia Denk


Lucia Denk considers music to be her greatest passion, and the ability to learn an instrument truly fulfilling, no matter what the age of the individual.  She began her study of piano with private lessons before being admitted to the Monmouth Conservatory of Music in Red Bank, New Jersey at age eleven. While studying on a full scholarship at the Conservatory, she performed in a number of recitals, and was selected to perform at Count Basie Theater in Red Bank at age fourteen. After high school, she received an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts from St. Mary’s College before pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance at Salem College. She has also completed coursework for a Professional Certificate in Well-Coordinated, Injury-Preventive Keyboard Technique from Salem College. Having studied with Barbara Lister-Sink, an internationally acclaimed performer and global leader in injury-preventive keyboard technique, Lucia espouses teaching a method of piano playing which helps the student play as freely and effortlessly as possible, thus developing his or her own unique musical potential. In 2015 she received from Salem College the Bright and Annie Lee Fitzgerald Sink Award for Excellence in Piano, as well as the Winnie Warlick Simpson Award for excellence in music theory. She is also a member of the Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honors Society. Lucia is thrilled to be a teacher at Mitchell’s Piano Gallery, and looks forward to taking every student, no matter what age or level, on a fun and exciting musical journey, matched specifically to his or her personal goals!


Mary Foil

piano  |  voice  |  guitar

Mary Endsley Foil received a Bachelor of Music in Voice from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Master of Music in Choral Conducting from UNC Greensboro. For the past 25 years, Mary has enjoyed her career as a musical and stage director, a published lyricist, a vocalist, and as a private music instructor. Currently, she continues to perform extensively throughout the area, while also maintaining an active teaching studio of piano, voice, and guitar.

Trey Shoaf

Guitar I Bass I Ukulele

Trey Shoaf is a guitarist from Lexington, NC. He studied with Justin Newman of the band Hephystus and Jazz/Fusion guitarist Daniel Seriff.  He teaches both Electric and Acoustic guitar as well as Bass and Ukulele. “I love the guitar because it’s the ultimate instrument for the everyman. Whether you want to write songs with just “3 chords and the truth” or shred like Marty Friedman or Eddie Van Halen, you are dealing with an empty canvas that is just waiting for you to find you own style. My favorite part about being a teacher is helping someone find their own unique voice for that very reason.”